Miss Mary’s Award Winning Elixirs


Miss Mary’s is redefining the market of drink mixes. Each Elixir is mindfully-crafted in small batches with care and attention to detail. Simply put, our Mixes are made without major allergens (including gluten), MSG, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial flavors or colors. The Mixes are designed to delight your taste buds while being good to your body and soul.

The Lineup

Miss Mary’s Bloody Mary Morning Elixirs:

  • Original – The Start of Something Delicious
  • Bold & Spicy – For Those Who Live Caliente
  • Thick & Savory – Rich and Robust Flavor


Bloody Mary Festival, Highwood, Illinois 

-People’s Choice (2015), (2016)

-Judge’s Choice (2015), (2016)

International Spirit Competition, Los Angeles, California

-Bronze Medal (2015)

-Silver Medal (2017)

-Gold Medal (2017)

International SIP Awards, Irving, California 

-Gold Medal (2018)

NEW Miss Mary’s Mixes Launched in 2020:

  • Fresh-Squeezed Margarita [30 Calories per serving]
  • Fresh-Squeezed Paloma [40 Calories per serving]
  • Wisconsin Tavern-Style Old Fashioned [30 Calories per serving]

Awards: 2020 FABI Award by the National Restaurant and Bar Association 


Miss Mary’s was born from the inventive spirit and personal passions of founders Ryan and Tristina Timm. The couple already had entrepreneurial roots, having learned from family and previous businesses. 

When Ryan found himself behind the bar of the golf course he managed, it was the Bloody Mary that challenged him the most. Ryan and Tristina made light, flavorful mixes at home, but the commercial market lacked a similar option. Over the course of a year, they tested and tweaked the recipe. The result, Miss Mary’s Bloody Mary Original, was their first, fresh and healthy, yet powerfully delicious cocktail mix.

To start, Ryan took Wednesdays off to sell the mix locally to grocery stores, bars, and restaurants. It wasn’t long until the couple realized that the market was ready for better-for-you options like their Morning Elixir. Ryan’s gifts for invention and problem-solving, plus business development instincts put them on the path to quick expansion. Tristina sold her dance studio business to invest in the growth of the business. Over the next few years, this family business has flourished into a nation-wide success with six mixer offerings. 

Fun Founder Facts

Pregnancy Perception – The original mix was developed when Tristina was pregnant – so, enjoying a ‘mocktail’ meant she had an even more discerning palate for the fine-tuning of flavors. Talk about a secret weapon!

A Focus on Fitness – Tristina’s background as a dancer, professional cheerleader, and Dance/Pilates instructor helps keep healthy habits in the forefront (except for ice cream with the kids and cocktails with friends and family, *wink* because life should be delicious). Ryan and Tristina even make time to work-out together (usually early morning runs), despite the demands of building a mixer empire and raising kids.

Lake Life – Moving from the Land of 10,000 Lakes to living on one of the Great-est, the family loves being on the water. Door County, WI is a sentimental favorite, but proximity to Chicago/Milwaukee for growth of the business helped them establish their roots in Port Washington, WI. Boating is how Ryan and Tristina relax and play, and despite their drive to succeed, are even more committed to the imperative “Go. Live.” which they both have tattooed as a reminder to keep living fully.

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