Miss Mary’s Award Winning Elixirs

Miss Mary’s Mix started as a bloody mary mix behind a golf course bar in 2013.  Ryan Timm, owner and founder, started to grow the small side business by taking off part of the day on Wednesdays to organically sell the mix into local grocery stores and nearby bars/restaurants.  Ryan and his wife, Tristina, wanted to find a cocktail mix compared to what they made in their kitchen with friends;  light, better for you, but without sacrificing flavor.  They couldn’t find it.  Everything was either loaded with artificial flavors and chemicals to eliminate calories or crammed full of sugar.  Gifted with plenty of entrepreneurial spirit, they decided to develop their own delicious, fresh, and healthy cocktail company.  Now they are a family run business with 5 different cocktail mixers, growing steadily across the nation.

Ryan and Tristina live in Port Washington, WI where they homeschool their two young children.  They find joy in family vacations as they boat all over the Great Lakes Region.  Their values include faith, fitness and health, and of course family.

Miss Mary’s has painstakingly redefined the market of drink mixes. We mindfully craft our elixirs in small batches with care and attention to detail – this means our products don’t have any major allergens, they’re all gluten free, and we never use any MSG, high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or colors. The end result is a mixer to quench your mind, body, and soul – like they’ve never been before.

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