Dear Miss Mary,

We want to invite family over on Sunday [to celebrate Father’s Day.] A few folks are nervous about being in close quarters with a lot of people, any ideas for making this a fun, social event while still maintaining safer spacing?


Carrie M.


Dear Cautious Carrie,

Well aren’t you just the sweetest? It is not easy to plan events right now, but being with the people we love most sure feels important, doesn’t it?

You know what I’d do? Move ‘em outdoors… if you have the space, why not put on a backyard tournament of bags, horseshoes, or washers! You can space out the stations and give hand-sanitizer a place of honor at the drinks table. 

For high-traffic areas like kitchens and restrooms, maybe add disinfecting wipes to your decor for the day. Those who want them will appreciate your support, and everyone will appreciate the gesture. 

If your guests choose to BYO, let them know you’ll have Miss Mary’s Mixers, ice, and fruit on hand. As I always say, ‘Shake, Pour, Adore!’

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for fine weather, darlin.’ 


Miss Mary

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