Dear Miss Mary,

This is probably not your area of expertise, but I have a girlfriend who drinks fruity beer. That’s no problem with me, but we end up buying or bringing twice as much beer as we drink. Any ideas?

Thank you,

Mike R.


Dear Mike,

First of all, I’ve never met a topic I didn’t have an opinion on, so you have come to the right place. 

Now, darlin,’ I once heard a movie line that exclaimed ‘Beer is for breakfast, drink or be gone!’ and that is sort of how I feel about the matter, but to each their own. 

It sounds like your girlfriend might be looking for a shandy, which is, more or less, a fruity beer. It pops a bit of lemonade or fruit juice into a beer to lighten it up and sweeten the flavor. The problem is that those can get really sugary, really quickly.

What about bringing along a Miss Mary’s Paloma Mix? It’s a deliciously-light grapefruit mix that pairs well with any light beer. This will let your lovely lady have a lighter, fruitier version of the beer you drink. One purchase – everyone’s happy. Whatever is left over of the Miss Mary’s Paloma Mix can be saved for a proper Paloma.

Who knows, you might like it too!


Miss Mary

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