Dear Miss Mary,

My running club is getting together for a birthday celebration. We’re all pretty health conscious…

Can you recommend festive cocktails that aren’t too heavy in calories or sugar?




Dear Svelte Serena,

Well, “sugar”… you’ve come to the right place!

Did you know that Miss Mary’s Mixes – both the Margarita and the Paloma – are low in sugar, calories, and still so darn delicious, they’ll tickle your fit friends right down to their Hokas. 

This Paloma mix is muy versatile… try it with tequila, as the fiesta god intended, or with vodka for a greyhound, or with a light beer for a super-refreshing shandy.

Now, I know some people love to drink wine. If you have plenty of flavored, no calorie sparkling waters, folks can make their wine into spritzers – for a lighter option. It doesn’t make the wine any less sugary, but they’ll end up drinking less of it.

Miss Mary’s Margarita Mix can also be made with tequila and bubbly water (Lime is my favorite) for an effervescent Summer bev. Here’s a little secret – add plenty of fresh garnish (lime, lemon, jalapeño, etc.) and a mini pinch of salt to this drink. Those powerful flavors and the pretty visual means no one will miss the heavier pour option. 

Another option is to freeze Miss Mary’s Margarita Mix and an inexpensive sangria (in separate containers) and serve up swirls with a sparkling water floater. The flavor of this is all kinds of fabulous.

I sure hope that helps. Write back and let me know how it goes!


Miss Mary

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