Dear Miss Mary,

We’ve just moved into a new area and have accidentally invited WAY too many people over to our housewarming. We’ve only just unpacked… how do we impress new neighbors and old friends at this first fete?


Lily and Brian


Dear Cutie Couple,

I don’t know how you ‘accidentally’ invite way too many people, or what number ‘way too many’ actually is, but I like your style. Let the party planning begin!

Your new neighbors and old friends will be impressed just by being invited. (And if they aren’t, are they really worth fretting over? Of course not.) When you have a lot of people to feed, you need small plate food. Tapas is your salvation, sugar!

You can create a beautiful combination of spreads and dips, olives, pickles, veg, cheese, and meat along with crackers, crusty bread slices and pita. If you’re really crafty, you can put tiny printed signs on toothpicks to identify your cheeses and dips. I love to use those little picture clips on paper weights for mine. Do a search for other tapas suggestions that you can do in bulk and that suits your taste.

For drinks, make a big batch of Miss Mary’s Margaritas and another of Miss Mary’s Palomas. The flavor is fabulous and by adding flavored soda or sparkling water, you’ll be able to make big batches that will keep everyone mixing marvelously. Don’t forget to garnish… drinks aren’t properly dressed without one.

Last but not least, create a fret-free playlist that will keep guests guessing – explore some Spanish guitar, or Island ukelele, or unplugged covers to heavy metal songs.  Whatever you choose, make it full of fun and long enough that you won’t worry about the vibe as you welcome friends to your new home.

Congratulations and good luck.


Miss Mary

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