Dear Miss Mary,

Our town has canceled all celebrations for the Fourth this year. No parade, no festival, no bands. Booooo! Our kids love the parade and treats and fireworks. How can we make this holiday special on our own?

Your fan,

Paul T.


Dear Patriotic Paul,

Don’t fret, hon.’ You can still celebrate the Fourth – wait for it… INDEPENDENTLY. (Oh, I  just crack myself up.)

Well, this calls for a DIY bike parade, if you ask me. How well do you know your neighbors? If y’all talk regularly, let them know what you have up your sleeve. If not, send those kiddles out to recruit other families.

Surely, you know someone crafty who can supervise the “float” decoration. Supply some red-white-blue supplies – streamers, paper, signs, ribbons, whatever – and let the kids go to town. Bikes, trikes, wagons, scooters, even skates will make excellent “floats” for the parade.

Whether on the sidewalk or in a (safe and empty) street, at the time of the parade, these kiddles can make a tour of your block while parents sit and sip comfortably in the driveway or on the porch. 

If you’re looking for something fresh to sip, the Paloma Shandy is a perfect session beverage. 

I normally say, ‘Shake, Pour, Adore,’ but you can skip the shaking when beer’s involved. Trust me on that.

Don’t forget to add a patriotic playlist and some mini flags to wave and you’ve got yourself a holiday to remember. Be sure to cheer and applaud; your kids will feel like true stars of the show. 


Miss Mary


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