Dear Miss Mary,

We’re throwing a retirement party for two of our favorite co-workers. They have been mentors to so many of us that this is bittersweet. We want them to enjoy their families and hobbies after so many years, but we’re going to miss them like crazy. How can I make sure the event is not a downer?


Nikkie & Team


Dear Team Nikkie,

Goodbyes are hard, aren’t they? The only thing I can think to say, is that at least you made the most of the time you had them in the office. It sounds like these two are leaving behind a grateful company and a legacy of inspired, supportive teammates. How could anything about THAT be sad?

As for your party, I know just the thing… Miss Mary’s fresh squeezed mixes to the rescue.

Not only can you mix them with darn near anything, but they are light and delicious. You could create a DIY taco bar with pot luck contributions and bright, colorful decor to match the Margarita and Paloma mixes. A crockpot or two of meat is an economical and scalable way to feed a lot of people. Assign the tortillas and toppings and tada! You’ve got a party. The Summery colors of my newest mixes pair well with sunny dispositions and smiling send-offs. What do you think? Will that work for you?


Miss Mary

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