Dear Miss Mary,

We’re preparing to host a dinner party and some of the guests aren’t big drinkers. Do you have any ideas for mocktails that we can serve them so they feel festive and included?

Thanks for your advice.

Laurel V.


Dear Lovely Laurel,

I get asked this all the time… 

Responsibility is always in vogue, but there is a growing trend of people who just don’t care for the alcohol addition to their drinks. 

For those who eschew inebriation for whatever reason, as well as for our beloved designated drivers, I have two suggestions. First, there is an entire industry cropping up of zero-proof drinks.  A couple of spirit-free alternative brands are Ritual , Seedlip, or, if you can find it, Arkay. These brands enable your cocktails to deliver booze-free flavor along with the fancy glassware (pretty!) and accessory fruit (yummy!). Just have plenty of Miss Mary’s Mixes on hand and you can’t go wrong.

The second option is using Miss Mary’s Mixes au natural. Obviously, any of the Miss Mary’s Bloody Mary Mixes are delicious without any additions, but I’m partial to a bit of olive juice in mine – I guess you can call me ‘dirty.’ *wink*

I’ve had friends (and their kids!) say that they love to sip the refreshing Miss Mary’s Paloma Mix in the morning because it’s lighter and less bitter than straight grapefruit juice. You can do the same with Miss Mary’s Margarita Mix.

I’d recommend zhuzhing these up with a fizzy flavored soda that either matches or complements my mixer, e.g. Grapefruit soda + Miss Mary’s Paloma Mix, Strawberry Soda with Miss Mary’s Margarita Mix. If you want to be really racy, why not try a Lime Soda with muddled jalapenos in your Miss Mary’s Margarita Mix?  Muy caliente!

In any case, it is always a good idea to have non-alcoholic beverages on hand when you entertain so all your guests are able to Shake, Pour, Adore!


Miss Mary

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