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Miss Mary’s Light Margarita Mix was created with the simple idea that clean ingredients taste fresher and feel better. We made a traditional lime Margarita Mix that is light and refreshing with bright citrus flavors. Pair our low-sugar Mix with tequila, vodka, beer, or sparkling soda for a twist you’ll love.

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Wait, A Lite Margarita? Yessssssss!

"low in sugar, calories and still so delicious, they'll tickle your fit friends right down to their Hokas."

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Lite margaritas (aka ‘skinny’ margaritas) DO exist. If you’ve left your beloved margarita on the shelf because most mixes are too heavy and syrupy sweet, we are about to be new best friends.

Our low-sugar margarita delivers that fresh, Summer-in-a-glass flavor you love, without the guilt. Our Mix is handcrafted using premium ingredients like fresh lime juice and fleshy pulp, organic blue agave nectar, and essential citrus oils.

This versatile mix can be used SO many ways. Check out some of our inventive recipes here. With only 5g of Sugar and 30 Calories per serving, our delicately sweetened margarita mix is elegant and refreshing so you can enjoy it on #tacotuesday,#ladiesnight, #friyay, or any time!

As a special treat to yourself or a pitcher-ful for your friends, Miss Mary’s Margarita Mix is always appropriate. As Miss Mary says

Mix the Perfect (Lite) Margarita:

Combine 2 parts Miss Mary’s Margarita Mix with one part premium tequila in a shaker with ice.
Rim the glass with salt and garnish with a fresh lime wedge.

Then, just shake, pour, & adore!

  • Made with All Natural & Organic Ingredients
  • No major allergens
  • Gluten Free
  • MSG Free
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • No artificial colors
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