So Many Cocktail Recipes

Miss Mary’s clean label mixes are perfect for ALL your favorite cocktails, not just the obvious ones. Our in-house mixologist loves to put our mixes to the test, trying out classic cocktail recipes and inventive ones alike.

Because our mixers and elixirs are low calorie, low sugar, and mindfully crafted to avoid major allergens, we think they’re a must-have for every home bar whether you’re hosting a huge crowd or just hanging with the dog.

Miss Mary’s Mixes are Alcohol-free

Our mixes are zero-proof, which means you get to choose whichever spirit turns you on – or no spirit at all. We’re inclusive like that. Whether, what, and how much you add to your cocktail glass, is your prerogative. We’re just excited to be along for the party.

Why Not Mix Up Your Go-to Cocktail?

Classics are classics for a reason. We totally agree. However, you might find you adore more than your usual. Here are a handful of our latest cocktail creations:

Zero-Proof Apple Old Fashioned

Champagne Rita

The Nutty Paloma

Miss Mary’s Yule Mule

Paloma Dreamcicle

Blueberry Mojito

Pickled Mary

Zero-Proof Chocolate Covered Cherries

Miss Mary’s Brunch Punch

Blushing Paloma

Miss Mary’s Chelada

Spicy Margarita

Miss Mary’s Cherry a la Mode

Blood Orange Margarita

Mary’s Merry Gin Fizz

Gingerbread Paloma


Mistletoe Margarita

Jinglebell Paloma

Miss Mary’s Yule Mule

Old Fashioned Hard Cider

Paloma Mimosa

Miss Mary’s PB&J

Old Fashioned Slush

Miss Mary’s Winter Warmer