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Goodbye Guacamole


Say hello to this recipe and wave goodbye to the guacamole in it.

This simple recipe is a sure thing when you want to impress guests for taco night or an appetizer party.

Just be prepared for how quickly it disappears!

(PRO TIP: Always save a little bit for yourself to enjoy if you’re cooking or serving drinks. Seriously. People are animals for this recipe.)


4-6 Avocados (Slightly soft to the touch, but not overripe)

1 medium yellow onion

1 jalapeno, seeded & diced finely

1Tbs garlic, minced

large bunch cilantro, rough chopped

2 tsp powdered oregano

juice of one lime (or lemon)

salt & pepper to taste

Goodbye Guacamole Recipe image

INSTRUCTIONS – Let’s do this!

Start by halving the avocados, pop out the stone, and scoop out the flesh of the fruit.

Add diced onion, garlic, and jalapenos to avos.

Rough-chop a whole mess of cilantro leaves. (Unless you’re one of the unfortunate who thinks it tastes like soap. Poor darlin’s. You can add powdered coriander, or just skip it altogether.)

Season well with oregano (powdered works best), salt, and pepper.

Juice a whole lime (or a lemon if you that’s what you have).

Last, use a potato masher for a chunky dip. (*Smooth guac is suspicious – leave it to the store brands.)

Garnish with diced tomatoes or red bell peppers, jalapeno slices, or even a big chip.

Serve and enjoy!

This recipe will serve 6-8 people. (or 1… we don’t judge)

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